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Virtual Study Groups:
Doral, FL, US | ON LINE :  https://www.zoom.us/j/2568667113 MIERCOLES 8:00 PM
ID: 256 866 7113
Sabados , saturday

Las Cartas De Dios,El Libro De Urantia Miami.
Miami., FL, US | Solo en español 8:00 pm martes

Estan bienvenidos, a formar parte de esta hermosa familia de Urantia,estudiamos la revelación , discernimos ,dedicamos un tiempo de oración, silencio .
Ph 786 3446335
Encuentranos en Facebook

Middletown, RI, US | Thursdays, 5:15 PM
1 paper/week; intermittent discussion/interpretation

LA SEYNE SUR MER, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, FR | Tous les mercredi à partir de 20h00 heure de PARIS
sur ZOOM https://zoom.us/j/4581672401
contactez nous par mail
Comment et de quoi Jésus parlait-il aux hommes?

LA SEYNE SUR MER, Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur, FR | tous les mardi soir à 19h00 heure de PARIS
code 458-167-2401
Pourrait changer suivant les interactivités
Envoyez un mail pour vous prévenir s'il y a un changement et connaître le sujet

5th Way
Montréal, QC, CA | NOUVELLE HEURE pour le groupe francophone: nous étudions en français les mercredi de 14 à 16h, heure de l'est, via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/9084766734

We study in English on Thursday morning at 11am EST via Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/9084766734
Active topical study

Kumasi, Ashanti, GH | 5pm to 6pm. Wednesday and sunday
Learn to suvivial internal destiny

Vila Nova de Gaia, Porto, PT | Quinzenais; sábados às 15:00
Lemos alternadamente um documento e paramos para comentar sempre que laguem tem algo a dizer

Asociación Costarricense De Nebadón G1
San José Curridabat, San Jose, CR | 19:00 - 21:00 hr
Mensuales presenciales.
Semanales por sala virtual

Atlanta Urantia Study Group Or Fifth Epochal Revelation Fellowship
Dacula, GA, US | We meet every Wednesday from 7:00pm to 9pm on line with Skype. We meet the first Sunday from 10:00am to 12pm at the Dacula GA. address. All meetings are recorded and are posted on line at the websites below:
http://fifthepochalrevelationfellowship.com or http://fifthepochalrevelationfellowship.org or http://atlantaurantiastudygroup.org/
Our purpose is to study the teachings in The Urantia Book. We are studying from the beginning of the Book on Wednesday nights and the Life of Jesus on Sunday mornings. Questions, discussion and comments are welcome and encouraged. We also have group access through Skype for those who are not within driving range. Find us on: http://fifthepochalrevelationfellowship.com or http://fifthepochalrevelationfellowship.org or http://atlantaurantiastudygroup.org/

Avondale Az Urantia Book Study Group
Avondale, AZ, US | Fridays
Starts at 7:00 - 930


Frutigen, Bern, CH | 1 x monatlich, jeden 3. Mittwoch
- Austausch über das Gelesene
- Gemeinsam Antworten finden

Boulder Sunday Group
Boulder, CO, US | Sundays from 3pm to 5pm
Paper-by-Paper readings & periodic topical studies. Wide-ranging discussions. New readers welcome! This is an in-person study group but we have full remote participation capabilities as needed--just ask.

Brasilia Urantia
Brasília, Distrito Federal, BR | Email contac. Web work.
Solução de dúvidas via email, enviamos um áudio explicativo. Orientamos também exercícios práticos para o aprimoramento da percepção mental e espiritual.

Doubts solving by email audio. We promote practial exercises for mental and spiritual perception, as well.

Buffalo River Study Group
Jasper, AR, US | The Buffalo River Study Group meets on Sundays, 4pm - 6pm. Throughout the year we have Urantia-based retreats, ie. New Year's Celebration, Easter Season, Truthseeker's Summer Camp, Jesus' Birthday, YaYA Gatherings. 2016, please, inquire about the Community Conversation and the Mass-Media Video Project!

The Buffalo River Study Group was formed in 1985 in Newton County, Arkansas, home of the Buffalo National River and Park. At that time, there were more Urantia Book readers per capita living here than anywhere else on the planet.
It has long been our goal to create a social center for Urantia Book readers that would be available 365 days a year.
In April of 2006, we began the fulfillment of our dreams when we purchased a parcel of land in the village of Jasper on the Little Buffalo River to serve as our retreat center (www.arkansashouse.net). We have restored the early 20th century masonry and brick inn and bunkhouse (13 beds), as well as developed a meeting room, a hair and massage salon, an organic 'farm to table' cafe. The Urantia Book and secondary works are available for sale.

Down the street, we have a bunk house. It is currently being utilized as residency for our like-minded seasonal staff. Let us know if you, or someone you know, might be interested in joining us as servants of God, for the siblinghood of humankind.

Our nearest airport is Harrison, AR. However, we suggest flying into Northwest Regional / Bentonville-Fayetteville, AR or Branson, MO. Shuttle service available on request.

Caminho Urântia
Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, BR | Aos domingos
Trabalhados temas de O Livro de Urântia com utilização de recursos audiovisuais.

Central Ohio Urantia Study Group
Worthington , OH, US | Our group, The Central Ohio Urantia Book Study Group, meets the first and third Fridays and the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month from 7:00-9:00 pm EST.
Visit our website at: UrantiaCentralOhio.com for meeting locations and Zoom and Oovoo links for virtual participation. We host regional, seasonal, and educational events as well as topical and interest-driven discussions based solely on The Urantia Book. New Readers Welcome!

Cali, Valle del Cauca, CO | Jueves 2 a 5 pm
Estudio sistemático del Libro, capitulo a capitulo.
Profundización de temas segun criterio del grupo.

Cosmic Citizen
Westminster, CO, US | Every Saturday at 10 AM Mountain Time
The Cosmic Citizen is a broadcast designed for Urantia Book readers and non-readers alike. Our hosts, Paula Thompson, Christilyn Biek-Larson, Derek Samaras and Andre Radatus have all studied The Urantia Book for decades. For two hours every Saturday we study the book together with live callers and guests on our interactive chat board. We also interview a variety of guests on current topics related to modern and progressive spiritual growth and religious interests. We embrace diversity, intelligent dialogue and a willingness to serve a purpose that is true, beautiful and good. Please join us!

Cosmic Clinicians
RENNES, Bretagne, FR | 1 time per month
Group of studies

Crawfordsville Urantia Book Study Group
Crawfordsville, IN, US | We host an online group using Zoom on the fifth Wednesday of the month in which a fifth Wednesday occurres which is about every 3 months. We use games such as Jeopardy, Wally Ziglers Trivia game, and other methods to bring some fun and variety to group study. Email us to request a Zoom invitation to our group. See you online!
Your friends and children are welcome too.

Crowheart Study Group
Crowheart, WY, US |

Ste-Sophie, QC, CA | Rencontre tous les lundis soir de 19:30hr à 21:30hr
La possibilité virtuelle n'est disponible qu'aux lecteurs du Québec

S.V.P Appeler pour rendez-vous.
groupe pour anciens et nouveaux avec lecture séquentiel ou par thème. Le groupe existe depuis 1999 et se situe dans la région de St-Jérome. Il y a présentement la possibilité de participer de façon virtuelle via Zoom

Denver Study Group
Denver, CO, US | Every Sunday 4-7pm
We are a very "New People" oriented group. We want to create a space for the young and brand-new people that is centered around your needs and wants. Your ideas and suggestions are extremely important and your value is appreciated. Send us an email and come join us, Sunday Evenings. We would love to see you!

Earth Visitors Community International
Trivandrum, Kerala, IN | Sunday 10 AM

East Hawaii UB Students
Mountain View, HI, US | open for now
Study of the Urantia Book

Escuderos De La Mesa Azul
Popayan, Cauca, CO | Reunión el primer jueves de cada mes a las 6 pm, para nuevos miembros. Duración de las reuniones dos (2) horas.
Se realizan reuniones semanales sobre el estudio del libro y vivencias para los miembros del grupo de estudios. El primer jueves de cada mes hacemos reunión con las nuevas personas interesadas.

GEV En Español
Madrid, Madrid, ES | Los domingos de 19h a 21h. Horario de España
El moderador procede a la lectura secuencial de El Libro de Urantia, (versión europea), haciendo diversas paradas para que intervengan los participantes con preguntas o comentarios.

Gonzales Louisiana
Gonzales, LA, US | Make suggestions (informal)
UB Readers new and timely, informal discussion, questions, talks. All is good, All is fine.

Grupo Ciudad De México- Norte
Ciudad De México, Distrito Federal, MX | Abierto a confirmción
Estudio temático sin pretexto en numero de personas

Grupo De Estudio - Estudos Latinoamericano Online
Latinoamérica, Montevideo, UY | Reuniones todos los domingos, de febrero a diciembre:
Argentina: 17:00 hs.
Alemania: 22:00 hs.
Arizona: 13:00 hs.
Bolivia: 16:00 hs.
Brasil: 17:00 hs.
Italia: 22:00 hs.
Chile: 17:00 hs.
Colombia: 15:00 hs.
Costa Rica: 14:00 hs.
Ecuador: 15:00 hs.
El Salvador: 14:00 hs.
España: 22:00 hs.
Guatemala: 14:00 hs.
Holanda: 22:00 hs.
Miami: 15:00 hs.
México: 15:00 hs.
New York: 15:00 hs.
Perú: 15:00 hs.
Rep. Dominicana: 16:00 hs.
Uruguay: 17:00 hs.
Paraguay: 16:00 hs.
Venezuela: 16:00 hs.
Reunión online dirigida a lectores y estudiantes del Libro de Urantia, sin importar el nivel de lectura, con acceso libre y gratuito. Todos están invitados a compartir el estudio, la hermandad, la amistad y la búsqueda de la verdad.Venga a compartir, discernir, preguntar, y a aprender entre todos!
Para participar ingrese a www.urantia.com.br/sala o https://zoom.us/j/2370349509
Todos son bienvenidos!
Instrucciones para entrar a la conferencia en Zoom: clique en www.urantia.com.br/sala o copie el siguiente link en su navegador: https://zoom.us/j/2370349509
Por más informes visite:
Venga, participe, comparta la alegría de aprender sobre las realidades eternas y divinas, y de vivenciar la fraternidad espiritual en el camino del crecimiento del alma y de la ascensión en el Universo.

Todos são convidados para compartilhar o estudo, a amizade, a irmandade e a busca da verdade divina. Venha compartilhar os ensinamentos, perguntar, discernir, e aprender entre todos!
Para participar acesse: www.urantia.com.br/sala
ou https://zoom.us/j/2370349509
A partir do seu computador, você precisa instalar a primeira vez o software ZOOM, leva apenas um par de minutos. Por mais informações sobre reuniões visite https://www.facebook.com/urantiaamericalatina/

Grupo De Estudio De Mallorca
Palma de Mallorca, Baleares (Balearic Islands), ES | Último viernes de cada mes, salvo cambios puntuales (julio, agosto y septiembre no hábiles por periodo vacacional y petición de asistentes)
Se prepara el documento correspondiente en Word, se proyecta en pantalla para que todos lean el mismo texto, y se hacen paréntesis para comentar conceptos o párrafos complicados, así como también otros comentarios de cualquier asistente al estudio.

Grupo De Estudio Latinoamericano Español - Portugués
Latinoamérica, Montevideo, UY | Los domingos a la hora detallada a continuación:
Argentina: 17:00 hs.
Arizona: 13:00 hs.
Bolivia: 16:00 hs.
Brasil: 18:00 hs
Chile: 17:00 hs.
Colombia: 15:00 hs.
Costa Rica: 14:00 hs.
Ecuador: 15:00 hs.
El Salvador: 14:00 hs.
España: 21:00 hs.
Holanda: 21:00 hs.
Miami: 15:00 hs.
México: 14:00 hs.
New York: 15:00 hs.
Perú: 15:00 hs.
Uruguay: 17:00 hs.
Paraguay:17:00 hs.
Venezuela: 16:00 hs.
Reunión online dirigida a lectrores y estudiantes del Libro de Urantia, sin importar el nivel de lectura, con acceso libre y gratuito. Todos están invitados a compartir el estudio, la hermandad, la amistad y la búsqueda de la verdad.Venga a compartir, discernir, preguntar, y a aprender entre todos!
Para participar ingrese a www.urantia.com.br/sala
Todos son bienvenidos!
Instrucciones para entrar a la conferencia en Zoom: clique en www.urantia.com.br/sala o copie el siguiente link en su navegador: https://zoom.us/j/2370349509

Grupo De Estudio MURCIA
Lorquí, Murcia, ES | Un domingo al mes que se fija de una reunión para otra. El horario suele ser de 16:00 a 20:00.
Se elige un tema que se prepara durante el mes. Para ello cada miembro elabora tres preguntas sobre el tema y lo envía al coordinador durante la primera semana.El coordinador reune las preguntas y las envía a todos los miembros durante la segunda semana. Se elaboran las respuestas y se envían la coordinador la tercera semana.Este las recopila y las envía a todos los miembros durante la cuarta semana. En ese domingo se hace la puesta en común.

Grupo De Estudio Sevilla
sevilla, Andalucia, ES | Primer jueves de cada mes de 18:00-21:00

Grupo De Estudo Urântia
Salvador, Bahia, BR |

Grupo De Lectura Del Libro De Urantia Para El Encuentro
Caracas, Distrito Federal, VE | Aunque aún estamos ubicando un lugar definitivo, por lo regular nos reunimos en PDVSA La Estancia, en Altamira, en horas de la mañana.
Para cualquier información adicional, contactarse con nosotros.

Grupo Urântia De Moçambique
Matola, Maputo, MZ | Domingos, das 9 às 14 horas.
Tiramos dúvidas sobre o conteúdo do livro.

ICSS Bogotá Centro
Bogotá, Distrito Capital de Santa Fe de Bogota, CO | Lunes de 6 a 8:30 p.m.
Trabajamos la lectura del libro de Urantia en orden desde el comienzo, leyendo documento por documento de manera consecutiva, con una didáctica aleatoria entre lo virtual y presencial, con ayudas audiovisuales y material pedagógico de diversos orígenes pero especialmente material obtenido del Grupo ICSS virtual de Jaime Rey.

Indianapolis Area Study Groups
Indy, Bloomington, Lafayette, IN, US | Group #1 - First & Third Wednesday - 7:30-9:30pm Virtual Discussion via Zoom
Group #2 - Second & Fourth Wednesday - 7:30-9:30pm
Group #3 - Third Thursday 1-3pm
Group #4 - Alternate Saturday's 1-3pm

Group #1 - Meets via Zoom - Topical discussion and/or sequential reading.
Group #2 - Topical Discussion
Group #3 - Lafayette Study Group - Meets in Brookston - Topical discussion
Group #4 - Meets in Bloomington - Topical discussion

James Leese
Fort Myers, FL, US | 10:00 AM to about 12:30 PM Every Wednesday

Once a month, usually the 3rd Saturday, we venture to Sarasota to meet with another UB study group.
From 10 to 11:30 am we are working on Part IV; from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm we focus on parts I and II.

Recife, Pernambuco, BR | Quinzenalmente aos domingos.
Meditações, Orações e Visualizações seguidos do Estudo do Livro de Urântia.

Lectores Libro De Urantia Perú
Lima, Lima, PE | 2
Realizamos las Lecturas desde:
El Prologo
El Universo Central y los Superuniversos
El Universo Local
La Historia de Urantia
La Vida y las Enseñanzas de Jesús

Let's Figure It Out Together
Mobile, AL, US | Any questions, concerns, ideas or just to start a conversation.. email me
Also check out my blog southernsunshyne.wordpress.com

Low Country Urantia Study Group
Conway, SC, US | The first and third Tuesday of each month @ 7 to 9 pm....Please arrive at least 15 minutes early so that we can start on time with all present.At the end of the meeting refreshments and a half hour social hour will follow for fellowship....
We will choose a paper for each session and read and discuss.We feel that input and communication during the group study is essential for spiritual growth.We are a team and work together for mutual growth.

Manitowoc Centre
Gordons Bay, Western Cape, ZA | Any time- just make contact
To discuss the Spiritual aspects of the Urantia Book and our connection to GOD, the Giver of Divinity.

Marin Study Group
San Rafael, CA, US | Second and fourth Sundays at 4pm
Topical study
Our group includes both veteran and new readers
All are welcome!

Maui Urantia Readers Group
Pukalani, HI, US | 7:00 every Monday evening. The 1st Monday of the month is a potluck dinner and social gathering as well as the regular study group reading.
We sequentially read the book as we focus on open discussion of the teachings.

Midland, TX, US | twice monthly
just a relaxed atmosphere to discuss Jesus as the Master teacher and other relevant material from elsewhere in the book

Vancouver, BC, CA | 7pm fridays
by internet

MTL 100111
Vancouver, BC, CA | 3pm pacific time every day
all topics are welcome,
all emails are shared with all the participanrs.

Carlock, IL, US | Times can be arranged
Meetings can be arranged

North Carolina
Fuquay Varina, NC, US | We do not know anyone near Raleigh

North Idaho Urantia Book
post falls-CDA, ID, US | To be determined as group forms. Usually mornings around 9 am to start. Evenings also possible.
Informal discussion for seekers and long time readers.

Personal experiencers sharing. Researchers.

Detractors should refrain from attending. Dogmas not acceptable except for comparative discussion.

Smiles appreciated.

Budapest, Budapest, HU | n.a.
(1) https://www.facebook.com/szellemiegyseg
(2) www.facebook.com/groups/urantiaolvasokor/

Pato & Antoinette
Lake Elsinore, CA, US | Every Monday https://zoom.us/j/481726366

Session 1: 10am PST which is 5pm in Ghana & 6pm in the UK

Session 2: 6pm PST which is 10am in Japan & Korea
and 9am in the Philippines
Greetings Family! We now plan to do two International Urantia Book Study Sessions every Monday on ZOOM!

To join us simply click this link: https://zoom.us/j/481726366

These are sure to be a very uplifting discussions, so please join us if you have some quality time to spare and some positive vibes to share.
One Love Always

Portneuf Valley
Pocatello, ID, US | Wednesday mornings at 10:30
We read aloud the section and discuss as questions come to mind. We read straight through not omitting any sections. Now, Dec. 2014, we are finishing up the papers on the Supreme

Russian From France
Fontenay le Comte, Pays de la Loire, FR | Saturday, 9-11 Paris time
Russian-language readers from France, Russia, Ukraine, and Finland.

Salem Urantia Study
Salem, OR, US | Daily - Morning - Afternoon - Evening
Urantia Study to explore Individual Spiritual Experience.

Song Yoo
Seoul, Soul-t'ukpyolsi, KR | Every Monday 10:00 AM - 1.00 PM
Study group started for Christians but welcome for any religious background.

South West Las Vegas Study Group
Las Vegas , NV, US | call for latest schedule
Discussion and personal study of the Urantia book.

Southeast Urantia Online Study Group
Fairhope, AL, US | Weekly Sunday at 5:30 p.m. for social then begin study at 6:00 p.m. Central
This group is for the USA southeast region. Join by invitation. Contact Mark at 574-536-3873. Email is sent with a meeting URL link including meeting number. Telephone call-in is available with a meeting ID number.

Stone Church Tea Time Study Group
independence, MO, US | Every Sunday Afternoon, 2PM-3:30

First Meeting, March 2016, 17 attended.
Now,8-10. Very active questions & discussion.
We use the Foundation tapes which are well
received. I would not attempt to hold together a
study group with out the tapes. K Raveill

Studiegroep Euregio
Heerlen, Limburg, NL | 1x per month and more if there is a need for it.

SWFL Urantia Book- Bilingual Study Group
Cape Coral, FL, US | To Be Announced
Looking forward to start meetings in South West Florida. Meetings will be perform in different platforms and with coordination a place of meeting can be stablished. Also interaction with other actual groups will be recommended. Depending of type of audience meetings can be in Spanish or English.

Sydney Online
Sydney, New South Wales, AU | Every Wednesday evening 8pm Sydney Eastern Time, till 10pm.
We meet online using Zoom, contact us for meeting details and instruction on how to use Zoom

Symmetry Of Soul
Forest Grove, OR, US | Tuesday 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm Pacific Time Zone
Links to archive of previous broadcasts available at SymmetryOfSoul.org
Each Tuesday, a broadcast focused on science, religion, and philosophy, based on the unifying concepts of The Urantia Book. Co-hosted by Dr. Chris Halvorson, James Woodward, Kermit Anderson, and Brad Garner.

The Book Of Urantia
Addis Ababa, Adis Abeba (Addis Ababa), ET |

The Enlighlened Order Of Urantia
Lusaka, Lusaka, ZM | 7pm - 8pm sunday
7pm -8pm wednesday
This is a non-political non-religious society of people of different religions, races, beliefs and walks of life who want to learn about the truth about the universe and its Creator.
The meetings aims to enrich the attendees with ultimate truth of realities and nature of existence of all things as explained in the Urantia Book.
Sunday meetings are open to everyone and Wednesday meetings only to members of the order.

The Urantia Book In ASL
Orlando, FL, US |

The Urantia Book In ASL (American Sign Language) Study Group
, AZ, US | 5:00 p.m. through 8:00 p.m. depending on the location. Day will be discussed until further notice.
This meeting is for American Sign Language (ASL) members to gather together in study group via Zoom Web Conference. Will provide Zoom access code to enter the web conference. We will study together via ASL signers (Deaf and hearing) to help translate The Urantia Book in ASL.

The Urantia Club
Jakarta, Jakarta Raya, ID | Once a month

To See
Blue Grass, IA, US | Contact me via text to set up meet-time. I’m flexible. If distance is too far, I could meet with you half-way.
My name is Kirk.

Truth Seekers Urantia Book Study On Skype
Tehachapi, CA, US | Sunday 5 pm PST

Thursday 6 pm PST

Skype address: tom.vasile1

Sunday evening Tom Vasile leads us in a sequential study from the beginning of The Urantia Book

Thursday, Marie Vasile leads us in sequential study of The LIfe and Teachings of Jesus
You are welcome to join our spiritual family

Tuesday Night Study Group
Boulder, CO, US | Tuesday Nights at 7pm. Classes recess for the summer months around June 15th and restart the first or second week of September. The Skype name is "mostudygroup"
The Tuesday night group has been in existence for decades. There are two groups that meet simultaneously, one for adults and one for children.
The adult group is reading from the Jesus papers and life after death section of Part 2. Every week we spend about 45 minutes in each section. We read sequentially in Part 2 and Part 4.
The group prays, talks, shares, reads, and has dessert. We hold an annual Christmas party and sometimes have Remembrance Suppers.
Most nights 15-30 people attend the adult group. Andre Radadus, Paula Thompson, Jim Downs, David Kantor, and Mo Siegel rotate weekly leadership of the group.

The kids group reads the Jesus Papers as well. They talk, share, read, go for ice cream, have retreats, have fun, and grow up together. Jennifer Siegel teaches class to the kids.

U Spoken Here
woodburn, OR, US | 6:pm.  Wednesday Nite
We listen to cd of the urantia book, and discuss what we have heard. New group.

Guatemala, Guatemala, GT | Miércoles: 20:15

Oradea, Bihor, RO |

Cañete, Bio-Bio, CL | 19:00

Urantia - RSA
Randfontein, Gauteng, ZA | flexible

Urantia Aguascalientes
Aguascalientes , Aguascalientes, MX | Lunes a Domingo
Reuniones de discusión sobre el libro de Urantia, Reuniones via Skype con lectores del libro de Urantia mayormente debido a que somos pocos aún, Reunions to speak about Urantia book, I´m having chats with spanish and english speakers mainly via Skype now, feel free to email me so that we can have chats, I´m currently reading the book and I´ll like to talk with people who are interested and have knowledge about Urantia Book

Urantia Book
, Nicosia, CY |

Urantia Book New Reader Services
Westiminster, CO, US | Mondays from 6 - 7:30 PM Eastern Time
We offer a variety meetings and events to answer your questions and to give you a chance to contribute. You also get to meet and interact with other new readers of The Urantia Book.

Review the calendar and use the Online Group Access information to participate.

Urantia Group Of Poland
Siedlce, Mazowieckie, PL |

Urantia Heidelberg
Heidelberg, Baden-Wuerttemberg, DE | Zu definieren. Tentativ 1 Mal in Monat, oder jede 2.
Suchst Du nach einem Study-Group in Heidelberg oder in der Nähe? Kontaktiere mich (per e-mail) und wir können eins starten! :-)

Looking for a study-group in Heidelberg or nearby? Contact me (via e-mail) and we can get one started! :-)

Urantia Juárez
Ciudad Juárez , Chihuahua, MX | Una vez por mes
Discusión y puntos de vista sobre el libro

Urantia Studies At Ascension University
Asheville, NC, US | We meet every Wednesday at 6:30 PM Eastern time. We meet regularly online and occasionally at a physical location. Our schedule and conference login information are available at http://www.UrantiaStudies.org

Urantia Studies is, first and foremost, a gathering of students who have embraced The Fifth Epochal Revelation to human kind. These enthusiastic readers of The Urantia Book have, in light of its teachings, developed a hunger for Truth, hearts for service, and a fervent desire to become more effective in our personal and organizational ministries.

Ours is a purpose driven group, one which recognizes that God resides within each of us. We engage in lively discussion and build authentic community as we search the revelation for ways to become ever more responsive to Divine leading. The group dynamic serves to refine our vision, to inform our personal motivation as well as enhance our commitment to the highest fidelity in relationships.

We sponsor activities that help people to discern Our Father’s will, to develop an appreciation for the opportunities He grants us, and work to increase each person’s understanding of the Jesusonian command to love one another as he loves us. We are continuously working to share the revelation in creative ways. These include making the archives of our weekly discussions available to a world-wide audience online while also continuing the discussion 24/7 in an online university setting.

Our schedule of topics and activities is available on our website at www.UrantiaStudies.org

Urantia Sul Parana
amapora, Parana, BR | a definir como grupo o melhor dia

iniciando e aprendendo com todos

Cidade: Amaporã.
Estado :Parana
rua: agenor Guimarães cruz nº 08,
bairro: Popular velha
CEP é 87850-000

South Ogden, UT, US |

A FB study group solely for the teachings of the Urantia Book. The main focus of this group is on becoming Father centered, and realizing our role in the family of God (Fatherhood of God, Brotherhood of man).

Urantia Virtual
Bogota, Distrito Capital de Santa Fe de Bogota, CO | Jueves 8- 9:30 PM, Sala Zoom (www.zoom.us)
Son bienvenidos lectores nuevos y experimentados.

Accra, Greater Accra, GH | Face-to-Face Meeting; 1st sunday of each Month.
Weekly Reading; All Time on Social Media.
Face-to-Face Meeting; A paper is selected prior to meeting and communicated via SMS or on our facebook page (UrantiaGhana). On day of meeting, audio version is played for all to listen, afterwards, question and answers are invited from members. Meeting is usually chaired/regulated by an experienced reader.

Weekly Reading; On our facebook page, a paper is chosen for read and discussion throughout the week. Discussion is either on Facebook or WhatsApp.

UUI Study Group
, NY, US | Every Saturday beginning July 2nd at 7:00 pm (GMT+1:00) Amsterdam
US Time zones:
1:00 pm – East
12:00 am – Central
11:00 am – Mountain
10:00 am – West
Facilitator: Jeffrey Wattles
Host: UUI
with a non-exclusive emphasis on younger adult readers.

Schedule of upcoming topics:

We adjourn until July 2nd 2016. Specific information will be forthcoming after the San Antonio Joint Conference.

New visitors are always welcome!

Or join by phone: (see the International Number attachment Below for the local number in your country)
+1 646 568 7788 (US Toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US Toll)
Meeting ID: 617 494 9574
International numbers available:

Meeting ID: 617 494 9574
Or join by phone: +1 646 568 7788 (US toll) or +1 415 762 9988 (US toll)

Walnut Hill Urantia Book Study & Support Group
Wichita, KS, US | Monthly meetings are via Zoom or in person at 11:00 am CST the second Sunday of most Fall/Winter/Spring months. Call for details and a Monthly Meeting Schedule.

We employ both on-going Email discussions of Urantia Book papers (related to the Fellowship's upcoming conference theme) plus monthly Zoom-facilitated Meetings touching on a variety of UB-related topics.

Wollongong Study Group
Wollongong, New South Wales, AU | Wednesday nights, 7:30pm

We also use Skype to dial in remote readers to the group
We are reading randomly through the book - at the will of the group

Your Fellows
Telford, PA, US | Whenever someone is interested in meeting to discuss the Urantia Book, what it means, and what we, as Universal citizens and Children of God should be doing to serve our fellows.