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  Last Updated: 1/11/2016
Study Group Information
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Tuesday Night Study Group
Primary Contact Name:
Mo Siegel
Primary Contact Email:
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Secondary Contact Name:
Jennifer Siegel
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Meeting Place Description:
The home of Mo and Jennifer Siegel
Meeting Times:
Tuesday Nights at 7pm. Classes recess for the summer months around June 15th and restart the first or second week of September. The Skype name is "mostudygroup"
Time Zone:
Meeting Description or Comments:
The Tuesday night group has been in existence for decades. There are two groups that meet simultaneously, one for adults and one for children.
The adult group is reading from the Jesus papers and life after death section of Part 2. Every week we spend about 45 minutes in each section. We read sequentially in Part 2 and Part 4.
The group prays, talks, shares, reads, and has dessert. We hold an annual Christmas party and sometimes have Remembrance Suppers.
Most nights 15-30 people attend the adult group. Andre Radadus, Paula Thompson, Jim Downs, David Kantor, and Mo Siegel rotate weekly leadership of the group.

The kids group reads the Jesus Papers as well. They talk, share, read, go for ice cream, have retreats, have fun, and grow up together. Jennifer Siegel teaches class to the kids.
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