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  Last Updated: 10/22/2016
Study Group Information
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The Enlighlened Order Of Urantia
Primary Contact Name:
urantia zambia
Primary Contact Email:
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Secondary Contact Name:
msiska abel
Secondary Contact Email:
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Meeting Place Description:
university of zambia main campus
Meeting Times:
7pm - 8pm sunday
7pm -8pm wednesday
Time Zone:
+2.0 GMT
Meeting Description or Comments:
This is a non-political non-religious society of people of different religions, races, beliefs and walks of life who want to learn about the truth about the universe and its Creator.
The meetings aims to enrich the attendees with ultimate truth of realities and nature of existence of all things as explained in the Urantia Book.
Sunday meetings are open to everyone and Wednesday meetings only to members of the order.
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