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  Last Updated: 10/29/2017
Study Group Information
Lake Elsinore
Postal Code:
Telephone Country Code:
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Virtual Study Group - Interactive:
Study Group Name:
Pato & Antoinette
Primary Contact Name:
Minister Pato Banton
Primary Contact Email:
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Primary Contact Local Phone (don't include country code):
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Secondary Contact Name:
Secondary Contact Email:
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Language(s) Spoken:
Meeting Place Description:
At our home or on Skype
Meeting Times:
Every Monday https://zoom.us/j/[click to see number]

Session 1: 10am PST which is 5pm in Ghana & 6pm in the UK

Session 2: 6pm PST which is 10am in Japan & Korea
and 9am in the Philippines
Time Zone:
Meeting Description or Comments:
Greetings Family! We now plan to do two International Urantia Book Study Sessions every Monday on ZOOM!

To join us simply click this link: https://zoom.us/j/[click to see number]

These are sure to be a very uplifting discussions, so please join us if you have some quality time to spare and some positive vibes to share.
One Love Always
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