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  Last Updated: 5/4/2016
Study Group Information
Postal Code:
V6J 1M7
Metro or Regional Info (i.e. Northeast Atlanta):
Telephone Country Code:
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Virtual Study Group - Interactive:
Study Group Name:
MTL 100111
Primary Contact Name:
Luc-Marie A. Jeudy de Sauceray
Primary Contact Email:
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Primary Contact Local Phone (don't include country code):
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Secondary Contact Name:
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Secondary Contact Email:
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Secondary Contact Local Phone:
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Language(s) Spoken:
english & french
Meeting Place Description:
by email any time
Meeting Times:
3pm pacific time every day
Time Zone:
pacific vancouver canada
Meeting Description or Comments:
all topics are welcome,
all emails are shared with all the participanrs.
OK to contact with Urantia study-group-related information: