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  Last Updated: 8/4/2017
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Western North Carolina
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Urantia Studies At Ascension University
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Bob Kalk
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(828) [click to see number]
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Meeting Place Description:
Online and at various locations in and around Asheville.
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We meet every Wednesday at 6:30 PM Eastern time. We meet regularly online and occasionally at a physical location. Our schedule and conference login information are available at http://www.UrantiaStudies.org
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Urantia Studies is, first and foremost, a gathering of students who have embraced The Fifth Epochal Revelation to human kind. These enthusiastic readers of The Urantia Book have, in light of its teachings, developed a hunger for Truth, hearts for service, and a fervent desire to become more effective in our personal and organizational ministries.

Ours is a purpose driven group, one which recognizes that God resides within each of us. We engage in lively discussion and build authentic community as we search the revelation for ways to become ever more responsive to Divine leading. The group dynamic serves to refine our vision, to inform our personal motivation as well as enhance our commitment to the highest fidelity in relationships.

We sponsor activities that help people to discern Our Father’s will, to develop an appreciation for the opportunities He grants us, and work to increase each person’s understanding of the Jesusonian command to love one another as he loves us. We are continuously working to share the revelation in creative ways. These include making the archives of our weekly discussions available to a world-wide audience online while also continuing the discussion 24/7 in an online university setting.

Our schedule of topics and activities is available on our website at www.UrantiaStudies.org

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