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  Last Updated: 12/15/2016
Study Group Information
Virtual Study Group - Interactive:
Study Group Name:
UUI Study Group
Primary Contact Name:
Antonio Schefer
Primary Contact Email:
[click to see email]
Secondary Contact Name:
Samantha Nior
Secondary Contact Email:
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Language(s) Spoken:
Meeting Place Description:
https://zoom.us/j/[click to see number]
Meeting Times:
Every Saturday beginning July 2nd at 7:00 pm (GMT+1:00) Amsterdam
US Time zones:
1:00 pm – East
12:00 am – Central
11:00 am – Mountain
10:00 am – West
Meeting Description or Comments:
Facilitator: Jeffrey Wattles
Host: UUI
with a non-exclusive emphasis on younger adult readers.

Schedule of upcoming topics:

We adjourn until July 2nd 2016. Specific information will be forthcoming after the San Antonio Joint Conference.

New visitors are always welcome!

https://zoom.us/j/[click to see number]
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Meeting ID: [click to see number]
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