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  Last Updated: 1/10/2016
Study Group Information
Virtual Study Group - Interactive:
Study Group Name:
Primary Contact Name:
Collins Lomo
Primary Contact Email:
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Primary Contact Local Phone (don't include country code):
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Secondary Contact Name:
Kwadjo Spiri
Secondary Contact Email:
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Secondary Contact Local Phone:
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Language(s) Spoken:
Meeting Place Description:
University of Professional Studies, Legon
Meeting Times:
Face-to-Face Meeting; 1st sunday of each Month.
Weekly Reading; All Time on Social Media.
Meeting Description or Comments:
Face-to-Face Meeting; A paper is selected prior to meeting and communicated via SMS or on our facebook page (UrantiaGhana). On day of meeting, audio version is played for all to listen, afterwards, question and answers are invited from members. Meeting is usually chaired/regulated by an experienced reader.

Weekly Reading; On our facebook page, a paper is chosen for read and discussion throughout the week. Discussion is either on Facebook or WhatsApp.
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