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  Last Updated: 9/28/2017
Study Group Information
Iloilo City
Postal Code:
Telephone Country Code:
Study Group Name:
Iloilo Urantia Book Readers
Primary Contact Name:
Edwin Armonio
Primary Contact Email:
[click to see email]
Primary Contact Local Phone (don't include country code):
(33) [click to see number] H/cel[click to see number]
Secondary Contact Name:
Chiquit Armonio
Secondary Contact Email:
[click to see email]
Secondary Contact Local Phone:
[click to see number]H/cel[click to see number]
Language(s) Spoken:
English,Ilonggo, Tagalog
Meeting Place Description:
front garden area of my residence
Meeting Times:
usually 2x a month (Saturdays) and availability of readers 2:00P.M.to 5:00P.M and may extend.
Time Zone:
UTC +8:00
Meeting Description or Comments:
Starts with Prayer, Discussion on several topics, experiences, then Study Proper. Snacks are served.
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